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Environmental Monitoring Specialist for expanding aseptic production

Job på Midt-og Vestsjælland

  • Manufacturing
  • Kalundborg

Do you have the knowledge and know-how to enter a role where you will be the main source of expertise in all aseptic production environment-related issues? Are you ready to be the person who guides and drives compliance initiatives, validation processes and optimisation projects with solid structure and energising communication? Then please consider being a part of an ambitious department on an exciting journey that you can play a major part in, with all the opportunities for personal and professional development we can offer in our truly global organisation.

About the department

In Biopharm Finished Products (FP) in Kalundborg, we handle products that help people live with chronical diseases like heamophilea, hormone imbalances and growth disorders. We ensure that our quality products are made ready for use by transforming large batches of precisely formulated substrates into consumable pen-fills and vials, ready for packing and distrubution to virtually all parts of the world. This is done in our filling lines, where our dedicated colleagues handle impressively large numbers of units daily in a tighty regulated aseptic production environment, that obviously needs to be in total compliance with the strictest quality standards.

In Aseptic Production Support, where we support these activities by handling deviations, validating changes in equipment and processes and much more...