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Group lean and technical specialist

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Group LEAN and technical specialist

Randstad is recruiting on behalf of Viking Malt, who is looking for a competent and enterprising Group LEAN & technical specialist. Viking Malt is a world-leading provider of both pilsner malt and special malts and is based in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Lithuania. The malts come from pure fields in Northern Europe and are shipped all over the world to brewers of all sizes. It is the aim of Viking Malt to help devoted brewers around the globe produce beers that people tell stories about.

Responsibilities and goals

With direct reference to the Site Manager in Vordingborg and a matrix reference to the VP Supply Chain in Polen, you will be responsible for the coordination of best practices across the Viking Group maltings. Your primary objective will be to improve the production activities through optimizations of both processes and technologies.

Your work tasks will include:

- Implementation of LEAN and continuous development of LEAN principles and working methods
- Ensuring that production and utility best practices are captured and rolled out in the maltings
- Continuous production process optimization and coordination of trials with new technologies
- Facilitating and driving systematic problem solving of non-conformities
- Training of employees in LEAN, systematic problem solving and best practices
- Follow-up on and further devel...