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Data Engineer for packaging line

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  • Manufacturing
  • Måløv

In Oral Finished Products (OFP), we have set ourselves the ambitious goal to be the first on the market with a tablet containing a GLP-1 based drug. Our department, OFP Pack Equipment Support in Maaloev, is now looking for a skilled employee for our packaging line. If you want to be part of an exciting journey and help ensure stable supplies for our production facilities, then you are exactly the one we are looking for.

The position
Your main focus will be analysing and processing the large amount of data that is collected daily from our machines. We must ensure the highest possible stability on our machines and continuously optimize our processes to create the greatest possible output. In the department we want to have competencies that can analyse and predict when we should take action before the machines stop due to a fault. You will be a part of this journey.

In addition to this, your everyday life will involve helping the team understand issues from sensor level on the machines to data points in a database or similar. Your knowledge will enable us to present data and solve our challenges as quickly as possible. We work from a systematic approach and we expect that you will be able to handle systematic problem solving, to ensure that implemented solutions prevents recurring problems.

You have a background as machine engineer, I...