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Backend Developer at Adnami

Job i København

Are you a backend developer, that wants to be part of creating the future of advertising? Want to be part of a fast growing company which has set a standard for advertising in Denmark with a solid customerbase in both Sweden, Norway and the UK? Do you want a large influence in a small development team, currently consisting of 9-10 professionals, but expecting to be doubled in the next 12 months?

We are currently developing all of our services from the self-help services to the core advertising services, creative campaigns, different formats and various templates- as well as implementations and certification of digital media. We are in need of more highly motivated people that can help develop the products behind the futures advertising platform. You will be part of a smaller team of 4 people, which we expect to grow to 8-10 people during the next 12 months. You will have a large scale of influence on how we develop our company from a technology and product based perspective.

You will be referring to our CPO on a daily basis, whom has the overall responsibility of setting the direction for our products. The two other developers on the team consists of a full stack developer with 3 years of experience and one fresh out of university. Since the beginning of Adnami, we’ve had a close relationship with the backend development which is currently outsourced through a 3rd party consultancy firm.

We work with weekly sprints, as well as a 2020 roa...