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Cloud Engineers

Job i Århus

About the job

We’re looking for new candidates for our cloud team at Trifork in Aarhus. It doesn’t matter whether you have a huge amount of experience in managing a Kubernetes cluster or whether you prefer alpine or distroless as your default docker image. What matters is that you feel safe in the Linux CLI and that you are keen to learn.

In the Trifork Cloud Team we create cloud based solutions for public and private customers, as well as for start-ups and enterprises. Trifork is primarily a consultancy house which means you will interact with clients on a daily basis and we expect you to be able to interact in a professional manner every day. In Trifork we focus on delivering quality and we are proud to do so - we expect the same from you. Our clients range from small startups to national authorities and we handle their data and solutions - whether it concerns device data or highly confidential patient records.