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Business architect for Customer Engagement Management, Foundation

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Do you want to work in a development environment, where sparring with others, growth and cross-disciplinary learning is important? Then we might have the right opportunity for you.

We are looking for a business architect ready to share and grow
You will be part of a crucial function within BEC’s organization. As a business architect for CEM Platform & Integrations in BEC, you will be working closely together with our different customers through professional dialogue. You are expected to engage in the customers’ business and understand their needs to transform the dialogue into optimal solutions. Also, you will be cultivating the ongoing information and dialogue with costumers about upcoming deliveries. Furthermore, you will, together with your colleagues in the department, be responsible for the Salesforce platform, including the development and testing-setup for departments across the organization together with integrations between BEC backend systems and the Salesforce.

CEM platform & integrations is a big team responsible for development and maintenance of integrations between Salesforce and BEC’s other systems and for supporting development on the Salesforce platform.

The CEM department works with Salesforce which is the strategic platform for future development across much of BEC. In addition, we are using a new strategic integration platform based on Kafka, which sets CEM platform & integrations in the front of fut...