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Software Engineer Full Stack and Beyond

Job i Århus

You and Trifork Smart Enterprise

Trifork Smart Enterprise loves people who love what they do. If you - like us - are driven by an innate enthusiasm for technology, strategy, and processes, you will feel right at home.

We are a team of 50 dedicated people located in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Barcelona that develops and delivers exciting projects in the intersection of ERP, web, and mobility - as well as digital business development.

We work with Design Thinking and SAP Cloud Platform as business foundations in many of our solutions, and technologically we span a wide range of competencies.

Our ambition is to create the optimal synergy between the business, IT, and the end-users. Originating in Copenhagen, Denmark, Trifork Smart Enterprise is a preferred SAP partner with an ever-burning passion for innovating, building, and running digital solutions that create value for businesses as well as end-users.

Your qualifications

We are looking for a broad-based Software Engineer with a passion for delivering unique solutions based on making complex business systems simple and easy-to-use. We are on the lookout for an expert in development and technology who specialize in versatile application development.

Do you have a broad technological foundation in computer science and system development? And do you have strong skills within several (but not necessarily all) of the following: