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You are a selfmotivating, independent, creative, and outgoing person with outstanding people skills

Stensborg is looking for an experienced International Sales Manager to join their journey to improve the world with nanoimprint lithography. Stensborg is a well-established company with more than two decades of experience in the fabrication of high-precision micro- and nanostructured surfaces and components. Reporting to the company’s CEO, you grow and expand the business of nanoimprint manufacturing equipment. You will be communicating and selling Stensborg’s products and technical services to the customers, that range from academic institutions and public research labs to private companies operating in a variety of industries. The company sells directly and also through distribution partners, so you will also be responsible for establishing and supporting new distribution partners.

You will be leading your own marketing needs, overlooking a small marketing team that currently consists of part-time associates. Therefore, you need to fulfill a broad commercial role of account manager, business development manager, and marketing manager.

Your job tasks include:

- Identify and qualify potential customer leads
- Sell Stensborg’s products and services to meet the company’s sales objectives and goals
- Communicate, build, and nurture relationships w...