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WPP IT Infrastructure Architect

Job i Århus

We are looking for IT Infrastructure Architect to take care of Wind Power Plant Infrastructure Monitoring Platform Services in Aarhus.

As a Wind Power Plant IT Infrastructure Architect, you will ensure that the technical foundations of the WPP Infrastructure Monitoring Platform Services (WPP IMPS) are up and running, while being developed and maintained as defined by SLA’s.

You will:

  • Be taking initiative to identify gaps and ensure that necessary enhancements to the WPP IMPS are put into motion for the platform service to meet the SLA’s;
  • With the Team and relevant stakeholders, identify and implement systems to measure and document the availability of the overall WPP IMPS;
  • With the customer, have regular catchups on the WPP IMPS current state and to pick-up and register suggestions for improving the platform service;
  • With the Client’s Responsible and the Product Owner, set the technical directions for the tools and services, to meet the demands for monitoring of the WPP’s;
  • With the Business, create roadmap(s) that will support the business direction, both short- and long-term;
  • Manage the technical design of the WPP IMPS so that it reflects the demands described in roadmap;
  • Manage, monitor, and ensure that all parts of the technical design are implemented accordingly;
  • With the Client or with th...