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DevOps Engineer

Job i København

Are you attracted to automation? Helping Customers and IT Specialist with automating their code and deployment. Are you driven by learning modern technologies, makeing the toolbox better and up to the standard of the future of IT? Do you think cloud technologies and containers are exciting? Then join our DevOps unit. We are looking for DevOps pioneers and engineers to drive NNIT and our clients towards the future of IT.

The NNIT DevOps unit

If you like to work together with nerds, this is the right place. You will be a part of the team where there is a room for our hobbies and the family, but there is the chance that you’ll want to stay at work and have fun with you colleagues. You pass the HR test, but can you pass the DevOps Nerd test.

Working in NNIT, you will work with other IT Professionals like Architects, Developers and Operation Technicians. This makes it easy for you to gather information from all the various aspects of IT to share knowledge.

As part of the DevOps unit, you will be the heart of NNIT, everything drives around the DevOps unit. This also makes the possibility to make the road for the future IT path by guiding the rest of the company.

We are passionate by technology, DevOps culture and tooling to clients as well as NNIT’s own development teams and provide advisory and technical implementation of all aspects of DevOps like continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, containe...