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Software development in a team that is focused on being in the forefront of the renewable energy transition

Danske Commodities (DC) is an energy trading company that specialises in short-term power and gas trading and offers balancing, optimisation and hedging services to energy producers and suppliers. Every day, we complete more than 8500 trades across 39 countries, constantly moving energy from where there is more than needed to where it is needed most.

Our Software Development team shapes the business by building systems that give DC competitive advantages. You will be part of a development team that directly supports the energy transition currently transforming Europe’s power markets. The team builds mission-critical asset control software that balances and optimises batteries and wind turbines in the power markets 24/7. We get to dig deep in the domain of trading and renewable energy while having a real impact on how best to solve problems with code and technology. Our edge stems from our excellent algorithmic trading capabilities, and you will take part in connecting assets to the energy grids via algos. Sounds exciting? Then keep reading.

A team of experts with a curious nature

You will join a team of 38 highly skilled developers with a passion for their craft. In the team, we are always curious, and together, we eagerly seek out new technologies, practices and methodologies to incorporate into ou...