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Software Engineer – Decarbonization - Vessel Energy Mgmt & Reporting

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Pick a point on a globe, and Maersk won’t be far away. With 90% of global trade carried by sea, there is a high chance that the shoes on your feet or the phone in your pocket travelled to you on a Maersk vessel. Would you like to impact the daily lives of people in every corner of the world? Then keep reading.

What We Do
Come join us to help utilize technology to tackle the world’s CO2 challenge!
You’ve probably heard of or have even worked with IoT devices before. But have you ever heard of IoT devices that are close to half a kilometer long, weigh in at 300,000 metric tonnes and float around in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Well, we are lucky enough to work with these floating mega devices! We are even more fortunate to be tackling one of the most pressing issues in the world today….global warming.
But how do you mix large IoT devices with global warming?

Glad you asked! Shipping contributes to 3% of global CO2 emissions, and Maersk, as the world’s leading shipping company, has a large responsibility to tackle this issue and drive the industry towards solutions. Each decision starts with data and knowing our vessels’ data (intimately 😉) is part of our mission.

As a member of the tech teams in StarConnect(as we call ourselves) you will contribute to tackling the carbon pollution issue by using technology. And help us monitor our fleet’s fuel and empower our seafarers to reduce our ca...