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Enterprise Architect

Job i Storkøbenhavn

Take part in implementing the new IT Strategy

"Platform Strategy & Architecture" is a newly established department with an ambition to develop the vision and architecture of SDC's future banking platform. SDC is already crowded with exceptionally inspiring and talented tech wizards and architects – so value adding collaboration is a guarantee, should you take this role as Enterprise Architect.

This is how a week in your new job could look like:
– you and Niels, one of the Business Area Managers, visit a customer in Jutland. The customer wants to discuss a brilliant idea for a change to SDC's platform. Interesting – maybe this could benefit all customers.
Tuesday – after digesting the input from Monday’s meeting, you talk the idea through with the domain architect John and realize that it would have negative consequences for the platform stability as well as the economy.
Wednesday – engaged in a dialogue with a new Fintech company who has a groundbreaking approach to the variables on which a bank loan is accepted or rejected. After the meeting, together with Morten, who is PO on the Open Banking project, and Henrik, who is head of the Core banking area in SDC, you agree to try to define an MVP on this service.
Thursday - facilitating a full-day workshop with a business area, whose business services did not quite measure up to the reality of neither cust...