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R&D Software Development

Job i København

Let’s change dentistry together!
You are an experienced and easy-to-work-with software architect with a proven track record as architect from larger development organisations and you are keen to put your efforts in to something that truly makes a difference to real people’s real lives, right?! So, you should press on, read the rest of this, and send us an application!We develop SW for dental clinics to enable dental restorations, implant planning and designing of dental splints. The system architecture is built up around our Unite platform, which is an execution platform for our SW modules of which Implant Studio, Splint Design, Anatomy Design, and our new manufacturing interface module CAMair are the ones in your scope of work. The SW runs on premise, but we are moving more and more towards cloud operations for data management and AI. One of your tasks will be to facilitate this transition for the SW modules in your scope of work. Moreover, our CAMair module requires your ability to work with our 3D printer and milling machine partners to ensure that we land a well-functioning, scalable and maintainable manufacturing solution.The team is partly based in Kyiv, Ukraine and Copenhagen, Denmark and consists of young and eager professionals of diverse backgrounds. There is a direct, result-oriented and truly warm dialogue in the team, and we hope you will tap in to and appreciate this.Tasks that you will be facing in this role

  • Define and concretize archit...