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Danske Commodities (DC) is on a mission. We want to pave the way for the green transition by making renewable energy a profitable business – and we need skilled software developers like you to do it!Software Development at DC
You will join a team of more than 50 motivated software developers. We are a laid-back, yet curious, bunch - and we eagerly seek out new technologies, practices and methodologies to incorporate into our daily work. Our culture is informal and learning-based, and you will get the opportunity to leverage your existing skill set and add new competencies along the way.As software developers at DC, we get to develop systems and then actually see them used to make a difference. Not only that, but we are usually seated right next to our trading colleagues and frequently chat about how to make the software even better. The satisfaction from impacting the full lifecycle of our code is hard to describe. You will have to experience it for yourself!

We enjoy getting together across the entire team for movie nights, go-karting, boardgames, biking, dinners and everything in between. Oh, and then there is the mythical and unprecedented developer end-of-season holiday quiz… You don’t want to miss out! Some of us are also parents, and we understand what it means to be a professional developer and a parent at the same time. Need flexibility to make the batteries last all day? We got you covered on that as well.

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