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R&D Software Development

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Let’s change dentistry together!The scopeThe TRIOS intraoral scanner is digitizing dentistry and makes for better and more pleasant dental care. Our team is key in developing TRIOS as we are responsible for the core 3D reconstruction algorithm, concerned with making a full 3D model from individual images. The technology is similar to some of the AI involved in self driving cars, and involves a lot of Deep Learning, 3D geometry and statistical estimation - all with a tough to meet, real time requirement.

As a team we have grown considerably, being 15 today, and expect to continue growing. We need an experienced software developer as our newest member to help us keep developing solid software, as we continue to push new innovations. In addition, we are one of the strongest AI/3D geometry teams in the country, and your future colleagues all have strong software development skills.We expect you to bring a solid software development background to the table, and that you are not new to working with algorithms. Your role will be as an integrated part of our team where we do cradle to grave on real time 3D reconstruction software, and we expect that your interests will be in making the software solid, maintainable and high-performing.Our software is mainly a C# solution, but also use some C++ for time critical components and Python for some of the neural networks. In addition, we use tools/technologies such as .NET, Visual Studio, TeamCi...