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Employees for the Elderly and Healthcare Sector in Denmark

Job på Lolland og Falster

Do you want to work in the Elderly and Healthcare Sector in a welfare state where mutual trust between citizen, employee and manager is paramount? Where you are asked for advice and contribute to solutions to professional challenges. Where the work-life balance is among the best in the world and where all employees receive free continuing education.

We offer a meaningful job and beautiful surroundings to settle in

We meet the citizens at eye level

Working in the Elderly and Health Sector in Denmark is something special. The work takes place both in care centers and in private homes. It works on the principle of 'helping people to help themselves', because being as self-reliant as possible increases the quality of life of the citizens. A concrete example of this could be training citizens who have just been discharged from a hospital to manage bathing and personal care on their own. You strive to give citizens content in everyday life by knowing their life story and talking to them about their good memories - so humanity and inclusiveness towards the citizen's way of living is important. At the care centers too, you also seek to create a homely environment with meaningful activities.

Applicants with different educational backgrounds are welcome

Lolland Municipality wants to hear from applicants with basic theoretical insight into and practical experience in elderly care and geriatrics. The content of education ...