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Job i Østjylland

Getting inspired by MAKEEN Energy’s initiatives within sustainable energy and waste conversion technologies? Then here’s an opportunity to join the team as manager for the Mechanical Engineering Team in MAKEEN EnviroTech.

EnviroTech is at present manning up with strong focus on the pioneering Plastcon concept, where the first full scale project is currently approaching the end of the commissioning phase.

The innovative Plastcon technology, through complex multi-technological processes, converts waste plastic into re-usable streams, primarily focused on oil-ingredients, that can be refined to various uses. Among these, the re-production of plastics, thus enabling a circular approach to manufacturing, usage, and re-usage of plastic products. Read more about the Plastcon process here.

The Mechanical Engineering Team is a key function in the Projects Engineering organization. The team is involved in tasks such as specification, own design, selection, and sizing of a wider range of process equipment including components, systems, and turn-key equipment from suppliers.

The Mechanical Engineering Manager has the managerial responsibility for the resources within the mechanical engineering team, sets up guidelines for the group, prepares and plan work on a day-to-day basis as well as for the longer term engagement and development.

To ensure success, the Mechanical Engineering Manager needs to be a great team player as the number of...