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Job i Storkøbenhavn

Are you a seasoned IT Architect with a zeal for shaping the future of healthcare technology? Are you adept at translating complex business requirements into innovative technical solutions? If so, we welcome you to join us as our newest IT Solution Architect for the groundbreaking OrderFlow4Future (OF4F) initiative at Novo Nordisk. Apply now and be part of our dynamic team dedicated to defeating chronic diseases and transforming lives! Let’s talk about the role
Novo Nordisk is preparing for the future with its new strategic initiative, OF4F. With the aim of doubling sales within the next decade, this project is focused on strengthening and supporting the global supply chain. By enabling a simplified and more automated order processing system, OF4F will enhance the flexibility and scalability of the supply chain. This initiative will standardize and streamline how orders are handled, from the affiliate level to production and warehouse. As a part of this initiative, you will be responsible for designing and implementing technical solutions that align with the company's business objectives. You will work closely with cross-functional teams to understand their requirements and translate them into technical specifications. Additionally, you will be responsible for ensuring that the solutions are scalable, secure, and maintainable. You will also be expected to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and industry trends and provide guidance to the development te...