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Software Engineer for Vision Team

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Do you have an interest in the fusion of technology and sport? Do you want to develop camera software for tracking algorithms used in TV broadcast and by top athletes all around the world? Join our Vision algorithm team now!

As a member of the Vision team you will be deeply involved in the development and optimization of camera software underpinning our state-of-the-art tracking algorithms used to measure ball and equipment kinematics across sports. Our products combine Doppler radars and cameras, and the Vision team is responsible for converting video feeds into accurate and meaningful data on the performance of the athlete, fusing the video feed with information from radar signals and other sensors.

This valuable information is made accessible on the user’s mobile device for easy-to-understand feedback and analysis on performance or is used in TV broadcasting for enhancing the viewing experience or in gamification.

You will play a significant role in the development of our world-leading, proprietary golf and baseball sensor technology, which is now also being applied in football, tennis, cricket and many other sports.

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Our ideal candidate has solid software development and programming skills as well as interest in and experience with Linux-based high-level embedded and server systems, deep debugging and code optimization. Works tasks will include developing softw...